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Unemployment Insurance Benefits - New York
Now is the time for Unemployment Insurance Reform in New York

New York's unemployment insurance (UI) program is ill-equipped to assist families who are still struggling to rebuild their lives after the recession and its aftermath. Please urge the New York State Legislature and Governor Cuomo to take on the following issues this legislative session:

  • Make New York's UI trust fund more sustainable through better financing and increased employer contributions, which have remained unchanged since 1999;
  • Increase the maximum weekly benefit amount, which has been stuck at $405 since 2000 and decreased in spending power since then;
  • Increase benefit amounts for low-wage workers;
  • Ensure partially unemployed New Yorkers have better access to UI; and
  • Allow more New Yorkers to receive UI. Reverse the long-standing exclusion of educational and agricultural workers.

Current legislation in the New York State Senate and the Assembly can make these changes happen. For more information, please contact Claire McKenna at the National Employment Law Project at

If you are part of a non-profit, advocacy, community, or religious organization in New York, please consider including UI Reform on your legislative agenda. We need your support to show why a strong UI program is critical for all of New York's families and its communities.

If you are an unemployed worker and you want to share your story of trying to get by on $405 per week, please visit:

Federal Extended Unemployment Benefits

New Yorkers who are out of work for more than 26 weeks are eligible to receive federal UI. To keep up with the latest information, please visit NYS Department of Labor and

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